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Erzulie Dantor
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>> >>basic info.
Name: Sarah Lynn.
Nickname: Sar (often The Unholy).
Age: quarter of a century, minus three.
Location: Smallville.
Occupation: Observer of Real Life.
Screenname: the music in her
Beliefs: Ancient Eyes, ghosts, science, music, LOVE, reincarnation, magick, Good and Evil.
>> >>about me.
personality; I'm shy, except when I'm online. Socially inept, I'll keep quiet in group situations unless I'm encouraged to speak. Being around more than four people tends to make me nervous unless I'm very comfortable with everyone. I'll glance at people from the corners of my eyes, and look away if I catch them peeking back. Not overly nice, or good, I tend to brood sometimes. I'm not perfect, or a Mary-Sue. I have faults just like everybody else. Clinically depressed and ripe with disorders, I still manage to get by. I love to laugh until my face hurts, and tend to puff up if I make somebody else happy. I thrive on praise, though I won't seek it out. Too hard on myself. I'm complicated.
hobbies; I write and I read and I generally obsess over words, both written and spoken. I study languages. I lose myself in music. I smudge the sides of my hand with graphite when I draw fast, and tend to do my best work on lined paper or a placemat at my favorite restaurant. I play video games. I pretend to be somebody else. I watch movies and play board games. I live.
likes; I like languages. I like movies. I like to write. I like to create. I like music. I like medical drama. I like fantasy. I like video games. I like comic books. I like cartoons from the eighties. I like walking through piles of leaves. I like chocolate. I like bothering Jodi at work. I like romance. I like Scottish accents. I like sleep.
dislikes; I dislike homophobia. I dislike racism. I dislike being treated like a 'girl'. I dislike close mindedness. I dislike organized religion. I dislike onions. I dislike being told what to do. I dislike being cheated on. I dislike my disorders. I dislike mornings. I dislike being called childish. I dislike being judged. I dislike losing the game.
>> >>contact.
email; ladytelgrin[AT]gmail[DOT]com
msn; see above
aim; the music in her
myspace; Nuu.
>> >>fandoms.

☆ Dark Visions
☆ Digimon
☆ Disney
☆ Fables
☆ Final Fantasy
☆ Gundam Wing
☆ House
☆ Jossverse
☆ Kingdom Hearts
☆ King's Quest
☆ Lord of the Rings
☆ Nightworld
☆ Outlandish series
☆ Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
☆ Sailormoon
☆ Scrubs
☆ Secret Circle
☆ Star Wars
☆ The Exorcism of Emily Rose
☆ The Exorcist
☆ The Forbidden Game
☆ The Legend of Zelda
☆ The Outsiders
☆ Weiß Kreuz
☆ Wicked
☆ X-Men
>> >>extras.

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