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Erzulie Dantor [userpic]


October 7th, 2010 (01:30 am)

current mood: scared

So, I normally don't do this, because I'm the queen of 'everything will be fine', but... my mom is really sick. Really really sick. Again. So... if you guys have any divine beliefs or anything... will you pray for my mom, and her speedy recovery? And if you don't believe in anything, will you try to spare a happy, positive 'she'll be just fine' thought for her? And for us?

Thanks guys. ilu. ♥

EDIT 0807 :: Update: Got mom to the ER. Three hours of waiting later, they did lab work and x-rays and fun stuff. Results; she has an infection. SOMEWHERE IN HER BODY. But they don't know where. I was tempted to ask if the virus was wearing a red trench coat and a fedora, but it was very late/early, and I don't think the ER nurse would have thought it was as funny as I did/still kinda do. I'm manic, but also so so tired. Thanks for everyone's supportive messages and love and prayers. Keep it up if you have them to spare.

That totally rhymed. Aaaaaand sleep nao. -_-


Posted by: Erzulie Dantor (kaimine)
Posted at: October 7th, 2010 03:24 pm (UTC)
TV -- Baber -- hugs

And I love you too. Hit post before I put that in. See how tired I am? >.

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